Up-to-the-minute watches for men & women (1973)

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Westclox watches

The styles are up to the minute. But the prices are behind the times. And all of them come with the most up-to-date features available. Like shock absorber systems and unbreakable mainsprings. Take a closer look.


A. Here’s a men’s calendar watch with automatic calendar advance. $36.95*

B. The fashion look. A tapered adjustable mesh bracelet and gold-color case. $39.95*

C. Men’s day-date watch with instant reset date. Water resistant case and radial brushed silver dial. $54•95*

D. The one-piece bracelet look with diamond cut dial and marquis case. $37•95*

E. The lady skindiver. Water resistant. With a movable-elapsed time diver’s ring. $34•95*

F. The long rectangular sport watch comes with embossed numerals and hour markers. $29.95*

G. This watch with the faceted hour markers and rich champagne dial is $38.95*

H. Gold-color, water resistant, day-date calendar watch. With Calvert-grain leather strap. Only $39•95*

It’s good to know that even though our styles are keeping up with the times, our prices aren’t.

* Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices.

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