Two charming Montgomery Ward hats (1908)

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A Montgomery Ward hat that becomes nearly every woman

Y9743 – Virginia – $4.89

A style that pleases because it is attractive, dressy, stylish and becoming. The hat is constructed of navy blue satin braid, hand sewed over a medium sized mushroom wire frame. Trimmed with American Beauty Roses, with buds and foliage, and wide pink satin taffeta ribbon rosette at left of crown. Hat can also be ordered in black, white or brown. Mention your choice of color.

Each ………………. $4.89

We solicit your order for either hat shown. Or we will on request send you free our New 1908 Spring Fashion Book, showing all the season’s modes; also gowns, wraps, suits and everything for women, misses, girls, and children, all at economy prices for latest, most becoming and attractive styles.

We are headquarters for the world in Women’s apparel.


One of the attractive Montgomery Ward hats for 1908

Y9745 – Helene – $4.98

Copied from an imported model. The hat is constructed of light blue shell design satin braid with tucked silk chiffon, over the season’s correctly formed wire frame, with slightly drooping brim and large round crown. Trimming consists of Red American Beauty Roses, with buds and foliage in a loose wreath effect, and light blue satin taffeta ribbon drawn around back and shirred at left over brim and crown. Hat can also be ordered in black, brown, navy, white or straw color. Mention your choice.

Each ………………. $4.98

Our specialty is fine millinery, copied after Paris models, at moderate prices. We have all the new hats that will enhance every woman’s style of beauty, and we sell them at prices every woman can afford. Order either hat shown here, or send your name for our New 1908 Spring Fashion Book, containing all the season’s new hats and everything else a woman wears.

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