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A dull, drab, muddy complexion, or a blotchy, pimply or freckled skin, can by a quite simple, harmless and inexpensive method, be changed to one of flower-like radiance and purity.

One ounce of common mercolized wax, sold by druggists generally, will remove the most unsightly complexion in from one to two weeks. By its remarkable absorptive power, the withered, faded or discolored layer of thin film-skin which hides the healthier skin underneath, is gradually flecked off in tiny, almost invisible, particles. This is done so gently there is no inconvenience and no trace is left on the skin except that of enhanced beauty.

The wax is smeared on like cold cream before retiring, and removed in the morning with warm water.
If the skin be wrinkled or saggy, a face bath made by dissolving 1 ounce powdered saxolite in 1/2 pint witch hazel will be found most effective. Combining both astringent and tonic properties, this tightens the skin and graces up its supporting muscles.

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Source publication: The Washington Herald (Washington, D.C.)

Source publication date: October 13, 1912

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