Tips for choosing maternity wear (1909)

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The words “pregnancy” and “pregnant” were seldom used in generations past, despite it being a necessary condition for the very existence of each person on this planet. They instead used much more vague expressions, like “the prospective mother” — such as in this article on what makes for the most sensible maternity clothing.

pregnancy and maternity fashions

Clothes of the prospective mother should have quality of beauty as well as of comfort

It has been suggested that if the prospective mother is unpleasantly conscious her appearance, feeling that her clothes are unbecoming and ugly, a most unfortunate influence is brought to bear on the child — and that awkwardness, clumsiness, shyness, and other kindred traits of growing children may be directly traced to this condition.

On the other hand, if during this preliminary time one is healthfully, attractively, and becomingly gowned, it most certainly helps to keep one happier, more contented and cheerful, and everything possible shoifld be done to keep in a joyful, hopeful, and contented state of mind. People who believe in the possibilities of prenatal influences will readily see the importance, then, of suitable and attractive dressing.

Dresses made with much surplus fullness, such as unnecessary gathers around the waist and a great deal more fullness in the waist or blouse than is usually worn, are clumsy looking and unbecoming.

Some of the fashions of this coming spring will be both practical and becoming — the high waisted gowns on the order of the empire, the stole, and long tab and sash effects, the long, half fitting coats and wraps, and the woman who likes the picturesque can have the loveliest kinds of house dresses and wrappers. The fashionable short train — but not the fashionable long, narrow, pointed affair — will be found universally becoming for indoor wear.

All pattern makers are paying more and more attention to the special requirement of different figures, so it is possible to buy skirt patterns, for instance, cut for this purpose be they will set and hang properly.

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Tips for choosing maternity wear (1909)

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