Tiaras are rarely becoming (1913)

Tiaras rarely becoming

So many women make the mistake through ignorance, of believing that if jewels cannot be unbecoming, no matter what color, style, or design. but may be worn with success by any type of woman. Yet never was there a greater fallacy.

Because jewelry has a way of asserting itself more than any other accessory of the toilet, it should be used most sparingly, particularly as a hair decoration if stands out and seems to challenge comparison, and how rarely do we see this decided in favor of the the wearer? Not often, I am sorry to say, for hard, glittering diamonds worn in close proximity with wrinkled or withered looking skin and faded eyes are sights we see with painful frequency. Certainly the cannot be said to be pleasing by any means.

A really becoming tiara is almost as rare a sight as a Kohinoor stone. The wearer always has an air of deep oppression, or as though she were laboring under a responsibility almost too great to bear.

Diamond earrings are more often than not a “mistaken attraction.” It will be well to consider the question of wearing them or not pretty thoroughly before deciding if the eyes are decidedly dull, I should say do not wear them.

Photo: Diamond-studded tiara, Made by Henri Lavabre for Cartier (1913)

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