The ideal foot

The ideal foot should be slender, of moderate length, with short toes, small heel and a high instep. The woman of today spends lots of money on her feet, bhe buys expensive boots — in fact, has them made to order. She buys stockings of all descriptions — colored, black, open work, silk, lisle thread, and of every pattern you can imagine.

If the sandal is to be worn this summer, as we hear it is, we ought to have a pretty foot, for it will be well displayed in a sandal. All defects may be hidden with a stocking. All that is necessary is to have a prettily-shaped foot. But if we are really dainty throughout and wish to be well-groomed, we must give our feet the same patient care that we do our hands.

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Source publication: The Saint Paul Globe (St. Paul, Minn.)

Source publication date: May 17, 1902

Filed under: 1900s, Beauty & fashion, For women

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