The benefit of dressing in monotones (1912)

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The girl who dresses in one color saves money

The monotone girl is well-known. Sometimes she is effective, occasionally monotonous. All depends upon the girl’s artistic sense and knowledge of her own coloring.

The woman who has not much of an income does well to be a monotonist. The initial cost may stagger her. It is not cheap to have all one’s belongings match or harmonize. Once they do, there is wide possibilities in hang-overs. Last year’s hat or frock is much more possible when one never wears anything but blue or black and white or various shades of brown.

In adopting a color, make sure it is yours. Because you read somewhere that brown is the best setting for the red-headed girl, do not become “the brown lady” forthwith. You may be the red-headed type that is not clear pink and white in complexion, then brown will make your skin muddier and your eyes duller than nature intended.

If you are a monotonist, select a color that is not “fancy.” No one denies the fetchingness of “the pink lady” on the stage; on the street or at market, she is sure to look bad style. If you feel pink is your color, use touches of it freely; do not dress like a summer sunset the year ’round. Consider age in being a monotonist.

The young girl who goes in for gray or black will rue it later when she has a feeling against looking ten years older. Better that than adopting rose color when the roseate tints of youth have fled. Gray, violet, black and white, on the other hand, give an older woman distinction if well-handled; she never need fear a “kittenish” effect.

Contour must also be taken into account. Ecru and brown tones may play up your hair and eyes also your flesh. The fat woman always looks fatter with this color scheme, even in the hands of an artist.

Service durability must not be overlooked. Only the wealthy monotonist can afforded to wear nothing but white or dellcate colors. Nothing lovelier if motor cars and unlimited cleaning bills enter into one’s scheme of life. Fading is inevitable with many shades otherwise feasible.

Be unobtrusive in your color effect. Freakish dressing is bad style, and few girls fail to look unrefined as a result of it — especially if one’s clothes are more or less amateurish or must be bought ready-made, go in for simplicity of coloring and line.

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Do not overdo your monotone. If you wear nothing but violet, for instance, don’t think it necessary to have your walking boots made to order to get harmonizing tones and cut out violet gloves. Gray or white ones always look well and are far better form.

If she must dress bn little the monotonist must have no touch of color blindness if her fad is to be economical. Undoubtedly one-color dressing has much to recommend it to tho girl on small allowance; It would have more if shades were not even more unadaptable than radically different colors.

And tho monotonist must bo a good buyer, have a clear business head. When you can take any gown or hat that is good-looking bargains often come your way; confined to one color, material, fit, tone and purse frequently are “at outs.”

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