That healthy glow is sought by 1943 beauty

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That healthy glow is sought by 1943 beauty

by Alicia Hart

The American beauty of 1943, says one of Fifth avenue’s most eminent experts, will spend about 20 minutes daily on her beauty care — and will set a standard that compares all right with that of the pre-war type who averaged an hour and a half a day on her beauty care.

There’s a reason, this expert goes on, why Miss 1943 will be able to look as well with less time spent on personal care — in fact, several reasons.

That pre-war girl “strove for a pale, sophisticated look-of-leisure,” the authority says, but the wartime beauty “radiates healthful beauty from within and without.”

She wears subtle makeup, a short coif, nails filed down to working length and tinted with natural polish, a tailored suit or slacks or uniform for work. The pre-war girl flaunted wide, material-consuming skirts, painted her over-long nails deep red, and thought a glowing complexion wag the result of a bang-up make up job.

In short, the now beauty doesn’t waste time on trivials, and shows it.

But, more important, the new beauty has learned that a quick, sensible routine of home-beauty care is indispensable today. She knows that nowhere is it so true as in beauty care that a stitch in time saves nine. She doesn’t have to go in for elaborate weekly rejuvenation — her skin and hair are kept in good condition.

She is not boycotting the beaut) parlor: she realizes that a thorough and basic condi t ioning treatment is just as essential as brushing her hair, and really brushing, at least twice a week. She keeps her complexion clean, gets a fair amount of exercise and has a healthful diet. She is healthy, and looks vital.

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