Sweet sugarplums: Christmas dresses for little girls (1962)

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Every little girl wants a dress for Christmas

Sweet as a sugarplum: A tucked shirtwaist top, a wide, gathered velveteen skirt and a bias-striped sash that ties in a big bow make this dress a very special one for celebrating Christmas Day. $7.98.

Gay as a candy cane: A cutaway velveteen pinafore buttons down the back over a crisp, candy-cane printed dress. The dress, with lace edgings, can also be worn alone. $8.98.

Demure as an angel: For the very feminine little girl who loves ruffles, pick this pretty white dress, with ruffle on ruffle and a wide, crushed-velveteen cummerbund. $5.98.

Crisp as a snowflake: All white, except for the bow, the sleeveless dress has a basque bodice and full, full skirt. The proud small owner can wear the separate bolero over other dresses. $7.98.

Bright as a holly berry: This holly-red velveteen dress has puffed white sleeves and a gilet with a Peter Pan collar to give it the young look of a jumper. It buttons down the back. $7.98.

Merry as a sleigh bell: Remove the vestee and you have a complete, striped dress. Reverse it and you have a striped vestee, perhaps to wear over a red or white dress. $6.98.

little-girl-christmas-dresses-dec-1962 (1)

little-girl-christmas-dresses-dec-1962 (2)

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