Suede to spark your wardrobe (1955)

Suede to spark your wardrobe

To spark your wardrobe: Suede

Luscious colors in skins to cut and sew yourself

At last, leather steps down from the luxury class into a fresh everyday fashion. And all because tanners have come up with new supple suedes like these, that take safely to ordinary dry-cleaning methods and can be easily stitched on your sewing machine. The skins are sold in department stores, from $4.75 to $6.25, depending on size.

Here is a boutique-ful of our own accessory and trimming ideas, designed to face-lift the most basic basics — like the black sweater and skirt and plain wool sheaths photographed. A suede accent or two will work equal wonders for bright-colored clothes. And don’t throw away a scrap of the precious stuff, because leftovers can make trims.


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