Shocking? Fur-trimmed stockings latest for dancing (1915)

Shocking Fur-trimmed stockings latest for dancing (1915)

Isn’t it shocking?

Dame fashion’s fur-trimmed stockings latest for dancing

Dame Fashion won’t stop at anything — so she’s skipped right past shoe tops and now three or four rows of fur on Milady’s stocking is the latest.

Do you think it shocking — we mean the stocking. Just glance at the illustration.

Shocking Fur-trimmed stockings the latest for dancing (1915)

The new style, so far, is only used on filmy, thin stockings to be worn with a dancing frock and slippers.

An endless variety of kinds of furs are called into use by the new fad for one’s stockings must match the color of one’s evening frock and, of course, the fur must be of the same color as the stockings.

Three rows of fur are most popular, but four rows are quite proper. And do they show? Of course they do, when one tangoes in a dress with the latest full-blown or hoop-skirted effect.

1915 Hosiery - stockings

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