Sewing some sensational sweaters for summertime (1961)

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To wear and to love all summer – Take a sweater, trim a sweater…

… and thereby add a whole new fashion dimension to your wardrobe. A dress or a skirt becomes a costume when it has its own sweater. 

You could, for example, line a cardigan with the leftover material of a dress you’ve made yourself, or scatter a sweater with appliques cut from the same fabric as a gay print you are wearing. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Remember that whether you cut an old pull-over into an entirely new shape, sew important trimmings on expensive cashmere, or just add dime-store braid to a $2.95 Orlon, the point is: it’s your own ideas that count. Use them to complete a look that is completely individual.

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Sweaters to wear and to love all summer

Sweater sewing and appliques


Sewing and trimming sweaters

Scallops of polka dots frame the cut-out neckline of a black cardigan and cuff its sleeves. The bouffant silk-organza skirt spills graduating polka-dots down to a border hem of scallops, used in trimming the sweater.

Too timid to tackle a sweater? Try binding a wool-jersey cardigan jacket, Vogue design no. 4251, with matching bright pink cotton braid. Wear it over a sheer Dacron like this one, its sleeves and neckline finished in the same braid, its flowers repeated in applique bouquets on the jacket.

Take a sweater, trim a sweater

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Sweater fashion from the sixties

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