See some of the hippest vintage ’70s dresses & skirts from the spring/summer 1973 JC Penney catalog

Vintage dresses - skirts from the 1973 JC Penney catalog
Basic fashions for the spring of ’73

If the mixture of checks and stripes and prints and plaids has been driving you dotty, stop worrying. Fashion’s on solid ground for spring. The look is even more basic than last season.

As a natural extension of the classic look in vogue right now, plan to stick to the well-cut casual clothes that fit your lifestyle. Cuffed pants, sweater sets and shirtdresses could be all you need, but this time around, try them in a solid color.

Skirt lengths hover at the knee or above for day, unless you have really super legs — then show them off with a really short skirt and color-coordinated pantyhose.

Ankle-length skirts continue to be good for everything. Try one in pastel pleated crepe with matching shirt for the most glamorous occasions. In the right color for your own coloring, this look is simply unbeatable.

– Article from the Longview News-Journal (Longview, Texas) – March 18, 1973

Vintage 1973 JC Penney catalog dresses & skirts

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This set also includes vintage jackets, sweaters, pants and pantsuits — and even a few wedding dresses. Fun fact: Several of the ads feature a young Kim Basinger.

’70s style advice: Choose your color

Pick a favorite and flattering shade as your color for Spring ’73. Around it, assemble a wardrobe of simple separates in variations of that tone.

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Suppose, for example, that you always feel and look good when wearing blue. Put together several ensembles in different shades of blue — such as a denim blue skirt with a pale sky blue shirt, slate suede shoes and a navy patent bag. Accessories, too, should stay within the same color family, although the perfectly-matched handbag and shoes do look a bit dated.

It’s easy to ace the advantages of solid color dressing, but there’s one aspect you should be cautioned about: Nothing shows on the wearer like a solid color. This spring, with few jazzy prints to distract the eye, it’s you yourself that will take the stage.

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