See blouses, gloves, hankies sparkle with Blu-White (1950)

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You will marvel at your whitest, brightest wash or we pay you

The new, thin flakes dissolve instantly! Thus Blu-White instantly acts 2 ways at once!

Blu-White blues — evenly — without streaks or spots! Never over-blues! Blu-White washes — white things come dazzling white — washable colors sparkle! Wonderful for “washbowl” washings!

Kind to hands as beauty soap! Economical! Of all leading products that blue and wash, Blu-White gives you most for your money. Compare — ounce for ounce, penny for penny — and you’ll see Blu-White gives much more for your money.

Get Blu-White flakes at your dealer’s today



Keep your nice things new-looking… longer

See how your blouses, gloves, hankies sparkle with wonderful Blu-White flakes!

Keep lingerie, stockings looking like new. And Blu-White is all you need for “washbowl” washings.


No matter how or what you wash, Blu-White, with your regular soap or detergent, must give you the whitest, brightest wash ever, or we give double your money back. Just send unused portion to Manhattan Soap Co, New York.

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