Scroll design pattern for crafts & decor (1903)

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Attractive pyrography pattern for jewel box, table or ornamental screen frame

As simple as it may seem, let the amateur art worker attempt a design of conventional scroll sort, and he will find upon his hands a task more difficult than that of executing something of a more sketchy sort.

The design here given will meet need for a suitable and effective pattern for a border to be used in a screen frame, for the top of a glove or jewel box, a work-table edge; in fact, upon any article of furniture or piece of fancy work where a border may be required.

The border may be of any length desired, as it will but be necessary to join edges artistically; and in turning corners, if this is to be done, the worker will devise the best method of arranging the scrolls in tracing his pattern.

To transfer the Sunday Republic’s pyrography designs to wood, leather or fabric — the latter if the pattern is to be used for embroidery — place a sheet of carbon paper between the pattern and the article to be decorated, and trace the design carefully with a sharply-pointed pencil. In cutting out the pattern, leave a margin an inch wide all around, and pin down the pattern securely.

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