Prevent and relieve tan, sunburn & freckles (1906)

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Prevent and relieve tan, sunburn & freckles (1906)

How to prevent and relieve tan, sunburn and freckles

It is only after Old Sol has gotten in his fine work and the souvenirs of his beaming presence remain as sorry reminders that the average woman plucks up sufficient energy to defend herself against future encounters.

It doesn’t require a very large bump of common sense or knowledge pertaining to the wily schemes of the Woman Beautiful to forestall the needlessly painful and disfiguring effects that follow in the wake of indiscriminate exposure to the sun, wind and water. Yet most women are never quite content until they are nursing a good dose of sunburn, a “peely” nose or a sizeable bunch of freckles.

Neither is it fashionable to assume the complexion of an Indian belle, or to buy a liquid preparation that suggests a sojourn by the sea.

And as for women who have pretty throats and who, therefore, will doubtless appropriate frocks with Dutch necks, let me whisper that the broadest dog collars will not prevent that tell-tale line of brown from showing.

However, we may as well conclude this sermonette by suggesting that experience reaps its own reward, as it did in my case several years ago.

Simple preventatives

It is so much easier to prevent these summer time blemishes than it is to cure them.

A chiffon veil and parasol are able, and at the same time becoming adjuncts in preventing sunburn, tan and freckles. A little cream massaged into the pores of the face and arms previous to an outing or dip in the sea will counteract any damaging results. This little act of charity to yourself may be performed when making your morning toilet, or just prior to going out, and insures you white skin and the needless pain and annoyance that follow sunburn and tan. Of course, a dusting of powder over the cream is necessary to hold it.

When you come in with a burning face and arms, do not dash cold water on them as most women do. This is irritating to the skin and leaves a stinging, smarting feeling that is far from pleasant. Again, the cream bath is the very best means of allaying the burning sensation, soothing, cooling and cleansing the skin as no other remedy will do.

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Bleaching cream and lotions

This is a familiar old preparation with our grandmothers, who were particularly careful to employ wholesome lotions and creams. Honey cream not only bleaches the skin, but softens it as well, and for this make-up that I have recommended, nothing better can be employed. When put on at night, it will remove light freckles, but not those large, copperish determined kind.

Here is the recipe: Take of pure, strained honey, 2 ounces half an ounce of glycerine, half an ounce of rectified spirits, 1-1/2 drachms of citric acid, 3 drops of essence of ambergris.

Appended is an old timer for fading out freckles: 1 ounce lemon juice, 1/2 drachm powdered borax, 1/2 drachm sugar. For obstinate freckles, the following should be applied with a soft brush several times daily: 3/4 drachm muriate of ammonia, 2 drachms lavender water, 8 ounces distilled water.

Buttermilk and lemon juice

While buttermilk may not be particularly agreeable as a bath for the face, it is a very simple one that has prevented freckles from disfiguring a certain girl’s pretty complexion for several years. She applied it night and morning every day.

For an ordinary case of freckles, not those of long standing however, a lotion made of glycerine, diluted with a little rose water and sufficient lemon juice to make the face smart, but not to roughen or scratch it, is efficient. Use a camel’s hair brush for application in place of the hand or cloth; it’s more direct than either.

Hot milk for tan and sunburn

When an overdose of sunburn suggests the tortures of Hades, and you are painfully blistered and swollen about your face and arms, try this balm: Take ordinary cotton wadding, pull off one layer, saturate thoroughly in warm milk and lay it about your face, cross the forehead and extending over the cheeks and around the chin. Or take a small piece and gently pat the face with it. Wrap the arms up in a similar way. Renew the applications as soon as the heat begins to dry them, and keep the afflicted parts so covered for half an hour or twenty minutes. This simple treatment dispels the redness and and relieves the intense smarting and burning in a remarkably short time. Aside from the healing and soothing effects, which are perhaps the most important just at that moment to the sufferer, milk baths are famous for their beautifying effects. Continue with milk applications for several days, until the skin has resumed its normal appearance.

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While many of the preparations sold by the assuring druggists and shops are comparatively good in their way, it is always a wiser plan to familiarize yourself with the ingredients. What another woman’s skin will stand, yours may probably rebel against. Besides, simple remedies are always the most satisfactory in the end.

Revival of the chamois mask

For allaying the smart from sun or windburn, the chamois skin mask is a revived method employed by celebrated beauties some thousands of years ago. The chamois skin is cut to fit the face loosely, extending over the chin and throat. Two tapes are the fasteners. Cut spaces for the eyes and nose. Anoint the face well either with lanolin and sweet oil or make a paste with linseed oil and tepid water. Retain the mask on the face for several hours. This treatment whitens and softens the skin perceptibly.

Recipe for tan and sunburn

Here is a good paste: 3 ounces ground barley, 1 ounce honey, white of one egg. Mix and smooth to a paste, spread over the face, laying a thin piece of muslin on it. Rinse it off in the morning with warm water. (All creams and lotions should be carefully removed in the morning and the pores thoroughly cleaned.)

Magnesia dissolved in rain water and made into a thick paste then spread on the face to remain several minutes, then washed off off with castile soap and water, is a simple, direct method also.

The following is a recipe for a tan bleach: Half a pint of milk, ounce of rose water. Apply to face several times day.

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