Pretty arms are essential (1942)

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Pretty arms are essential

by Alicia Hart

Short sleeves are everywhere — a prophetic number of them appeared at the Belmont Park racetrack, where fashions are made — and so wise women are looking to their arms. How to slim them down, and how to build them up?

Neither is an easy, overnight matter; but either can be accomplished with persistent exercise. Beautiful arms are symmetrically round and full but not too muscular.

The thin arm grows rounder when exercised vigorously, concentratedly. The idea is to draw a lot of blood to it, exhausting the muscles quickly as possible, then relaxing. You work on the same principle as does the sprinter, who usually has well-developed muscles.

Therefore, if you wish to build up your arms, try a workout with a barbell or some other sizable weight. Lift it up and down over your head swiftly ten times twice a day for two weeks, then increase to 18 quick lifts.

Conversely, motions repeated many times over long periods of time literally wear down fatty tissues — as you can see in the figure of the wand-like long-distance runner. when you wish to reduce your arms, use the old jogging along distance-runner’s idea. Swing your arms, in circles, moving them back and forth many, many times. You might start exercising these for 10 minutes daily, and increase gradually until you work up to 20 minutes.

The appearance of the skin also is important in summer — especially the skin at the elbow. For that reason, every woman who has any self-pride takes a good stiff elbow rub with her bath. Keep a brush for this purpose in your bath — and don’t forget it.


Photo: Actress Olivia de Havilland (1942)

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