Polished, professional & pregnant: ’80s maternity clothes

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Polished, professional… and pregnant (1987)

From the time you begin to show, you want to look your professional best. These tailored — and sophisticated — maternity clothes are so flattering you may want to wear them after baby’s born.

A long sweater and pleated skirt (far left) in navy and while give you a lean line. Cotton sweater, $80, and rayon skirt, $80, by Amy Ruth. At Saks Fifth Ave-nue, all stores; Now Showing, all stores; Recreations, Columbus, Ohio, and Saint Louis. Jewelry from Fortunoff. Bag by Rebecca Daniels. Scarf by Oscar de la Renta. Hosiety by Hanes. Shoes by Ferragamo.

The soft pink suit (above, left) is professional and feminine. The vertical cut of the blouse and skirt add height. Cotton-and-linen jacket, $130; blouse, $.62; rayon-and-cotton skirt, $70. All by J.G. Hook. At all Bloomingdale’s, Recreations and Macy’s. Jewelry from Fortunoff. Bag by Rebecca Daniels.

Easy, soft cotton-knit chemise (above, right) balances the width at your hips with broad shoulders and square collar. Nautical-striped dress, $74, by Mob!: At New Conceptions, Washington, D.C.; Expecting You, Fort Worth; and Fifth Avenue Maternity (for a catalog, or to order, call 1-800-426-3569). Jewelry from Fortunoff. Bag by Rebecca Daniels.

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Eighties maternity clothes

Maternity fashion from the 80s

Beautiful detailing (including a tucked back panel) and a lustrous fabric make this seafoam pantsuit (below) extra versatile. Wear it to work with this checked shell or out in the evening with a white silk charmeuse blouse. Poly-and-rayon jacket, $78; pants, $54; shell, $60; all by Pink & Blue. At Pink & Blue, Los Angeles; Expectations, Chicago; and Bloomingdale’s, New York City. Jewelry from Fortunoff. Bag by Rebecca Daniels.

You’ll look cool and competent in this peach blouson dress (above). What’s slenderizing here is the continuous color and line, the V-neck collar and the slim skirt. Shoes and stockings in shades that match the dress help carry the line. Rayon dress, $106: Sweet Mama by Judy Loeb. At Saks Fifth Avenue, selected stores; Macy’s, all New York, New Jersey and California stores; and Motherhood selected stores. Jewelry, from Fortunoff. Hosiery by Hanes. Shoes by Calvin Klein Classifications.

Working Mother Mar 1987 maternity 2

A long cardigan sweater, like this pretty mint knit (below), may be the most comfortable piece in your maternity wardrobe. Here, with matching slacks, it is dressed up enough for many of situations. Ramie-and-cotton cardigan, $74; pants, $52; poly-and-rayon blouse, $48: Sweet Mama by Judy Loeb. At Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City; Mary’s, all New York, New Jersey and California stores; Dayton Hudson. Jewelry from Fortunoff.

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Who says maternity fashions can’t be fun? If your job calls for casual clothes — and you can wear bold prints — by this khaki and white snap front jacket and pants (above) in the softest cotton knit. Jacket, $124, and pants, $48, by Amy Ruth. At Maternity Modes, Chicago; New Conceptions, Washington, D.C.; and Today’s Maternity, San Francisco. Shoes by Esprit.

Working Mother Mar 1987 maternity 1



Bonus fashion: While you wait

Working Mother Mar 1987 maternity 4

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