Craft project: Pin on a happy face (1981)

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Make a happy face

It’s easy to put on a happy face, a funny face, or any kind of face you fancy with these soft, cuddly cotton creatures! You can pin them on shirts, jackets or beach bags, and they’re sure to make a lot of faces turn in your direction.

What you need

Here’s what you’ll need to make them: An old nylon stocking, balls of cotton, safety pins, a needle, and different-colored sewing thread. Beads or tiny buttons may also be useful.


To make a happy face pin, cut a piece of nylon stocking about 4 inches by 4 inches.

Take some cotton and wrap the piece of stocking around it. Stretch the nylon so that you’ve got a nice round shape. Stitch the stocking ends together in the back, and cut off the extra nylon.

To make the nose, follow the same procedure using a tiny piece of nylon and cotton. Sew the nose to the head.

Use colored thread or beads to sew the eyes and mouth.

Attach the safety pin to the back. Pin one or more of these freaky faces on your clothes or bag, and you, too, can be a kid of a thousand faces!

Patty Borucki of Park Ridge, IL, will have a happy face when she receives her Hot Stuff t-shirt for this happy idea!

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