How to use pearls to accessorize outfits & hairstyles (1901)

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Queen Alexandra of Great Britain in her coronation dress
Queen Alexandra of Great Britain in her coronation dress
A rope of pearls for corsage and coiffure

Fashions decree makes their exquisite pallor the crowning touch of the toilette

That exquisite pallor particular to pearls has been one of their greatest attractions to women, and since the stormy days of Cleopatra — and who knows how long before? — pearls have held their own in the affection of the sex.

Today, to an elegant frock and a fashionable and becoming coiffure, a string of pearls brings the one touch of luxuriousness which may not be at all necessary to the satisfaction or the wearer, but, which will produce an added glow of conscious superiority. All women love to be well dressed, and no one can hope to attain this end without certain chic attention bestowed upon the dressing and the decoration of the hair.

The festoon of pearls is always graceful, and often the quaintest Old World effects are obtainable by looping the pearls about the soft folds of the hair and bringing the ends together under the knot of the hair. That is, when the coiffure is done low on the neck and waved loosely back from the forehead.

How to use pearls to accessorize outfits and hairstyles 1901 (3)

How to use pearls to accessorize outfits and hairstyles 1901 (2)

For high coiffures, when the knot is made not too far front, two loops at pearls laid over the natural waves above the forehead, with one wound around the knot itself and two others caught loosely against the softness of the back hair, is an absolute novelty and one that is very charming.

Just a word here as to the pins that are so unobtrusive and yet so all-important an item in the coiffures of the smartly groomed woman. Never under any consideration should one use wire hairpins, except, of course, those infinitesimal ones called the “invisible.” The imitation shell hairpins are ever so much better taste, when one cannot keep a stock of real ones on hand. Many a girl goes “short” on matinee caramels, to keep her supply of real shell pins undiminished. A great many people are prone to think that there is no difference whatsoever, so long as the imitations are fairly presentable, but there is a difference, and just the one that you’ll notice between the boots that you buy ready-made, and the snugly-fitting ones built over your own particular and exclusive last.

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Much might be said, and most appropriately, on the care of the hair, but certainly the maid who is desirous enough of looking her best and of wearing a fillet of pearls in her coiffure has that same hair shining and soft from the constant grooming she has given it.

Simplicity in decoration always results in the happiest effects, and the festooning loops of pearls can be worn in half a dozen ways.

The woman who owns a lustrous string of beautiful pearls can vary the mode of wearing them in the hair, around the throat, or caught among the dainty laces of an evening gown, to suit her individual taste and the occasion. They are appropriate for any affair.

How to use pearls to accessorize outfits and hairstyles 1901 (1)


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