Nitey Nite sleepers (1950)

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Thread for thread… dollar for dollar…

Nitey Nite sleepers are 10 ways better

Young America delights in their gay Nitey Nights and the fur-soft touch of the pure cotton fabric. Mothers know that these sleepers are both pretty and practical. Only Nitey Nite sleepers have all of these 10 important advantages:

Healthful, absorbent, pure cotton fabric. Every important seam is nine-thread sewn. Every point of strain is reinforced . Full-cut seat and “I-help-myself” closings. Comfortable neckline assures needed chest protection. Warm sweater-cuff gives 4-inch adjustable sleeve-length. Exclusive “bootee” foot, double sole for warmth, wear. Gripper fasteners end button problems. Easy to wash – hold shape and fit – every color is sudfast. Generous sizes in a choice of seven songbird colors: Canary, Bluebird, Flamingo, Parakeet, Hummingbird, Tanager, Robin.

Nitey Nite sleepers are weather-conditioned in Arctic and Medium weights. Arctic Nitey Nite — once-piece style; sizes 4-8. Arctic and Medium Nitey Nite, two-piece style; sizes 0-4. Also three-piece sets. Nitey Nite Pajama, ski-style, no feet; sizes 4-8; 10-16. Nitey Nite Junior, a cuddly take-to-bed doll.

Nitey Nite sleepers at your favorite department store or children’s shop

Nitey Nite sleepers made by Glendale Knitting Corporation, Perry, NY

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