Glimmerick blue eyeshadow 1969

New Glimmerick Sunshine Pales eyeshadow (1969)

New Glimmerick sunshine pales

You get a sunshine pale. He’ll build a sandcastle.

Little pails heaped with Glimmerick Water-Color Eyeshadows. Each shade so pale, so shimmerful, so fluttery with little lights, it’s like washing your lids with liquid sunshine.

Sunshine ‘n Sand, a pinky beige. Sunshine ‘n Blue, a sky-blue blue. Sunshine ‘n Green, a frothy summer seascape.

Swoosh these gleaming Glimmerick Shadows all over your lids. Under your brows. To shine-up, light-up, open-up your eyes. Wide.

Glimmerick blue eyeshadow 1969

Glimmerick Sunshine Pales eyeshadow



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