Men’s clothes of distinction: Fashion Park suits (1936)

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1936: New suits for men

All ready? Let’s go… And don’t forget to go well-dressed, with confidence and without apologies.

The Fashion Park label in a suit means advanced styling, always fresh but never forward. It promises many exclusive fine points — of fabric, hand-tailoring and finish — points that add much value but nothing to price.

Look into this and look your best…. Fashion Park, Rochester, New York.

Men’s clothes of distinction are tailored at Fashion Park

“Parktrend,” 1936 edition of the new, easy, athletic style. Becoming to all men. Single- and double-breasted. In special Parktown worsteds. Selected patterns… $40.

Sportswear by Fashion Park is always advanced, always right. Note newest coat with plain back, gusset shoulders and side vents. In exclusive woolens only, bold and bright…. $40 up.

“Park Fifty,” custom quality in cloth, cut and tailoring. Here sketched in the new Park Drape style, having broad shoulders, full chest and straight hips.


Spring suits and topcoats — $40 to $100… World’s largest maker of fine clothes for men



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  1. I just found a 100% cashmere fashion park coat in mint condition. Like it was tailored yesterday.On the inside breast it says Dobbs at the Waldorf. I can’t believe I found this coat. I suspect that it was made around 1936. I will never par with it because I am a collector but how much do you think it is worth?

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