Open your eyes: Men DO make passes at women who wear glasses! Just look at Marilyn Monroe (1953)

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How to Marry a Millionaire movie Marilyn Monroe with glasses and David Wayne - 1953

How to Marry a Millionaire movie Marilyn Monroe with glasses and David Wayne - 1953

Girl with modern design glasses envied by those who have perfect vision

by Libbie Cline

Dorothy Parker is wrong! Men DO make passes at girls who wear glasses.

The girl with four eyes is no longer shunned. She is considered attractive. In fact, she is so attractive that the style-conscious women with 20-20 vision envy her. In certain areas, women with perfect vision buy gay frames and put window glass in them.

It is imagined that the little woman, with her taste for beauty, first demanded new spectacle styles. Men, in their usual slow manner about new fads, just recently adopted unusual frames. Today, the gentlemen buy frames with dancing girls to cover up the hinges.

The newest frames have a two-tone combination. The top is plastic and the bottom is metal. These are taking the place of the all-plastic standbys.

According to two of Charleston’s top opticians, the newest color should be worn by people with pink tones in their complexion. Another optician added that midnight blue was a good color for Fall. “Both the slate and midnight blue will be used with crystal or metal in the lower half of the frame,” he explained.

Back in the days when women were ashamed to wear glasses, they chose colors to blend with their skin tones — or they chose rimless glasses. Anything to call less attention to their eye affliction. Now the story has changed and they want harmonizing colors, something that goes well with their coloring and will be noticed. The rimless glasses are a style of the past.

Men DO make passes at women who wear glasses! (1953)

For women who wear glasses: New colors & patterns

Just what is glasses news for blondes, brunettes and redheads? What are the best colors? For platinum blondes and very light blondes, the black frames are the most stunning, according to the opticians. Brunettes need dubonnet colored frames. Dubonnet is a fancy name for deep red. There are blues and greens for those with auburn hair. Brown also harmonizes with light coloring.

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The plaid novelty glasses are for children. The blue plaid is manufactured for children with a reddish tint in their complexions and the red plaid for brunettes and brownettes.

About the shape of the new glasses, this year they follow the eyebrow line. The pixie frames are out.

Glasses are being designed with all sorts of emblems and stones this fall. One type of metal frames, called “tura,” is hand engraved. This style rim is practically indestructible and won’t scratch easily.

If you can believe it, all of the glasses come with or without diamonds — to suit your fancy and pocketbook. Flowers and arrows cover up ugly hinges.

If your favorite specs are horn-rimmed ones, the designers have decided they aren’t feminine. You look owlish in them.

So, for fall, pick out a pair of bejeweled, crystal metal and plastic frames with the dancing girls to cover up the hinges, and you will be in step with the eye-styles.

No more horn-rimmed specs for her - the new fashionable eyeglasses

Women who wear glasses: No more horn-rimmed specs for her

The well-dressed woman will scrap the old horn-rimmed glasses this fall and purchase brand new ones in the latest styles. Miss Mabel Dalrymple, of The Gazette Promotion Department, models five new style frames.

  1. Evening wear demands rimless glasses with delicate gold legs (extreme left). Although the rimless specs are considered passe, they will be used for formal occasions.
  2. Joe or Jill College will enjoy wearing the glasses with the modified horns on the bridge (second from left). These frames are dark brown plastic.
  3. Miss Dalrymple (center) wears the very newest note in the frames’ fashions — the two-tone combination. The top half is tan and the bottom half is crystal. These are for shopping and general all-round use.
  4. Plain brown plastic frames (second from right) are a favorite with the career girl. Note that the top of the frames follows the contour of the eyebrow.
  5. New this season is the part metal, part plastic frames (extreme right). The durability of these frames is making them a fast favorite for the fall season. Women will be especially interested in them from a beauty standpoint as they don’t slip and slide down the nose but stay in place perfectly. The metal frames are almost indestructible.
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Photos: 1) Marilyn Monroe (with glasses) and David Wayne – How to Marry a Millionaire in 1953; 2) Cat-eye glasses by Victory Optical, 1953

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