Max Factor garden gift sets in California colors (1970)

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Max Factor’s Garden of Christmas Treasures

Come gather a bouquet of exciting new gift ideas. All the pleasures of Christmas dressed in rich and ripe California colors from Max Factor 

max-factor-garden-christmas-treasures-vintage-gifts-dec-1970 (2)

The Essence of Aquarius: A totally new and feminine fragrance, symbolizing the new woman, individual and free-spirited.

Plant a Flower Bath: The new Bubble Bath Seeds. Sixteen gaily-decorated packages filled with crystal-like seeds for a fragrant bubbling bath.

From the Royal Garden: Royal Regiment, vigorous and exciting fragrances for the man in your life.

Night-Blooming Scent: Keep the love lights burning with perfumed candles in fragrances of Primitif or Hypnotique

Masterpieces in Miniatures: Exquisite, miniature works of art with the look of precious antiques. Richly-engraved Collectors’ Compacts filled with a cache of translucent creme puff.

max-factor-garden-christmas-treasures-vintage-gifts-dec-1970 (1)

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