We’re not having a white Christmas

(We’ve decorated our white L’eggs eggs in gold, silver, red, blue, green, so you can give brighter Christmas presents.)

11 months out of the year, our L’eggs eggs are white. But around Christmas time, we like to brighten things up a bit. So we are now decorating our L’eggs eggs in shiny silver, gold, blue, red, green. (They make our L’eggs Boutique look like a Christmas tree.) But they’ll look even better decorating your Christmas tree. Or fill someone’s (or your own) Christmas stocking with our L’eggs.

Our L’eggs fit your legs — They hug you, hold you, never let you go. They’re a fitting Christmas present for everybody.

Merry Christmas. And Happy L’eggs. At the L’eggs Boutique.

L'eggs pantyhose eggs in metallic gold, silver, red, blue, green for Christmas (1973)

Christmas in September?

With our Christmas L’eggs Decorator Kit its easy to be on top of Christmas, before Christmas is on top of you.

You don’t have to glue or pin anything. And our kit comes with easy, illustrated instructions.

So while L’eggs decorates your legs in lots of leggy shades, you can decorate our L’eggs eggs with long strips of Royal Purple, Emerald, and Crimson velvet and lots of gold braid that sticks right on our L’eggs egg. It’s a fun way to get ready for your Christmas tree.

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With our Christmas L'eggs Decorator Kit its easy to be on top of Christmas, before Christmas is on top of you.

While L’eggs are decorating your legs, start early decorating our L’eggs eggs. Send for your Christmas Leggs Decorator Kit. Fill out the blank below end mail with 751 and the bottom disc from one L’eggs package to. L’eggs Christmas Ornament, P.O. Box 925. Beverly Hills, Calif, 90213. Order no later than November 5, 1972.

Each kit is enough for three eggs, and its only 75 cents.

Merry Christmas. And Happy L’eggs.

Our L’eggs fit your legs. They hug you, hold you, never let you go

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