Gorgeous, gleeful things to make with granny squares (1974)

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The joy of granny-squaring

A gallery of gallant, gorgeous, gleeful things that you make with the versatile granny square — that small portable crochet unit that uses up leftover yarns, multiplies as fast as your fingers can fly, adapts itself to clothing and other worldly goods, and never seems to run out of creative variations.

Pluperfect Poncho: 12 traditional granny squares, each a big ten and a half inches, make this lacy poncho. In DMC pearl cotton.

granny-squares-vintage-patterns-aug-1974-needlework (1)


The traditional granny square and how it grows

The glories of the granny square explained, elucidated, exemplified, interpreted and illustrated

granny-squares-vintage-patterns-aug-1974-needlework (3)


Shown here: Tender tunic, a pride of pillows, eternal triangle shawl, dream of a bedspread, child’s mosaic sweater

granny-squares-vintage-patterns-aug-1974-needlework (4)


Shown here: Comely cardigan and scarf set, surefooted slipper, peripatetic pouch bag, patchwork pillow, putting-on-the-dog coat

granny-squares-vintage-patterns-aug-1974-needlework (5)


Some special tips on granny squaring

Defining the granny square: A granny square is a small crochet unit with a geometric shape. It starts, as shown, with a chain of about six, joined to make a ring. Working into the ring, you make the first round, then the second and so on. Five rounds make the traditional granny. In the classic square, groups of double crochet stitches for a shell, chain stitches separate the shells and make the corners. You can join granny square units to make any number of wonderful things.

granny-squares-vintage-patterns-aug-1974-needlework (2)

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