Jewelry! Earrings, necklaces, bracelets – which to wear & when (1914)

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Antique gems and necklaces (3)

Antique gems and necklaces (2)

Jewels! Which to wear and when to wear them – A lesson from Irene Hough

by Idah McGlone Gibson

A girl and every woman should be very particular when choosing jewelry. Nothing that a woman wears makes or mars her beauty more than the little gew-gaws she hangs about her neck, the jewels she puts in her ears, or the bracelets and rings with which she decorates her arms and hands.

These facts were brought home to me most forcibly when I saw Miss Irene Hough, America’s most beautiful telephone girl, wearing jet earrings. Miss Hough has ordinarily a face of the Madonna type.

However, when she appeared wearing long ear drops of jet, although she had not changed the dressing of her hair or in any other way, she looked like a vivacious gypsy. Earrings nearly always make one look older, so women, unless they would try for the grand dame effect, should be very careful when they wear them.

Once when Ethel Barrymore was playing the mother of a grown daughter, one of the ways in which she added to her age was by wearing long, gold and jet earrings. If your eyes are light and rather lacking in expression, don’t wear diamond earrings even if you can afford them.

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Antique gems and necklaces (3)

If you have the deep coloring that comes at middle age, don’t wear coral earrings and, above all, do not wear those little, dark, pink coral beads in a pink ear. They look like warts. If you are sure you have a “peaches and cream” complexion, wear pearl earrings.

A girl with a gypsy cast of features and dark complexion looks well in gold hoop earrings.

Pearl beads are becoming to most any throat that is not wrinkled and old, and a thin, gold chain with a pretty locket or another ornament on it is always good taste.

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Many bracelets and rings are vulgar. One or two good rings are sufficient to wear at one time. Bracelets, with the exception of the bracelet watch, are now out of style. However, with the harking back to the mid-Victorian styles, we are sure to soon resume wearing bracelets.

Personally, I am much more in favor of wearing bracelets than earrings, for, while the bracelet is a remembrance of the time when women were slaves and wore bands about their arms, with the names of their masters thereon, the earring is of still older and more barbarous origin. It comes from the time when we wore rings in our nose and lips, as well as our ears!

Antique gems and necklaces (1)

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