’80s makeovers with makeup in jewel tones (1982)

Jewel box makeups

The prettiest faces for spring glow with the clear colors, the depth and fire, of gemstones


This season’s reds, in lipsticks, blushes, are soft yet brilliant, never harsh. Team with vivid eye makeup for jewel effect.

Marcia’s cheeks and lips are in ruby tints, eyes have sparkling turquoise on lid, glimmering gold beneath brow, sapphire under lower lashes, gently extended just beyond corner.

Fashion, Marisa Christina. 18k gold necklace, Henry Dunay. 14k gold earrings, H Jack Gordon.

'80s makeovers - cheeks and lips are in ruby tints



Rich shades, subtle when applied, give the jeweled look. A new spring touch: darker-than-usual color — deep rose shadow — as eye highlighter.

The romantic face — Catherine’s is all violet and rose. The pretty light/dark shading, as of amethysts themselves, is achieved by intensifying the blush in cheek hollows, keeping the under-eye cheek area light.

Fashion, Levino Verna. Diamond necklace and earrings, Harry Winston.

'80s makeovers - The romantic face



Seemingly muted, these spring makeup shades of blue, peach, ginger have iridescent undertones that catch the light. We used two lipsticks: copper for deep color, then peach, to brighten.

Opalescent color lights up Barbara’s face. Eyes are the shimmery focal point with soft silver on outer half of lid, sapphire blue under lower lashes.

Fashion, Ron Lo Vece, Ltd. Diamond necklace and earrings, Van Cleef & Arpels.


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Newest corals are sunnier, softer, used in new combinations – here, with pastel violet, pink.

Stunning! That’s Cynthia in warm sun-burnished shades. To get the all-over glow, start with blush on cheeks but don’t stop there – blend at temples, chin, tip of nose too.

Fashion, Muney Designs, Inc. 14k gold necklace, Krementz & Co. 14k gold earrings, McTeigue & Co.

'80s makeovers - Cynthia in warm sun-burnished shades

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