How to get a beautiful mouth (1916)

Charm in mobile mouth

Point of beauty which all women should do their very utmost to attain

It is said by physiognomists the mouth is the feature which most truly expresses the character. Mouths have won more men for women than any other feature. A man, when away, may forget the glance of an eye, the shape of the face — but some expression of the mouth still remains with him permanently.

Many women who have no other good feature seem to be beautiful because the mouth is bewitchingly attractive, and tells of a soul that is big and fine. It is an easy matter for us to do for the mouth what nature did not do. Of course, we cannot change the marking of the mouth, but we can change the lines about it. No mouth, no matter how beautiful its contour, is attractive if it pulls down or remains immovable in tight, straight lines.

The mouth is the most mobile of all our features. It is claimed that those who talk, sing and laugh frequently retain an expression of youth never found in those who have not frequently exercised the lips in these ways.

To encourage upward trend of the mouth we must begin at the foundation of beauty, character. We must encourage beautiful, kind and pure thoughts. We must think of the sweet, joyful things in life, not of the discouraging, wicked ones.

The next step toward developing a beautiful mouth is a full set of teeth in perfect condition.

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There are several exercises which keep the lips mobile and flexible. Whistling is good, if not overdone. Blowing out a candle or an imaginary candle light is also good. But best of all is to toss a feathery dandelion into the air and blow it about, laughing at the sport which is derived from this, or blow soap bubbles. Blowing them about the room is a good lip exercise.

Do not bring the lips tightly together. That spoils the mouth, adds lines and wrinkles, and makes the face old. Always let the lips fall lightly together.


Illustration: LIFE magazine cover from August 31, 1916, entitled, “As advertised.”

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