How to buy a suit in 1976

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What kind of man are you?

Or How to buy a suit in 1976

If you’re active, successful and over 25, you have a lot in common with Tony Trabert (tennis champ), Stewart Mills Reid (oil executive), Dimitri Villard (entrepreneur, VC angel, producer) and Ben Crenshaw (golfer). Probably a lot more than you thought you had.

designer-suits-for-men-from-1976 (2)


Ralph Lauren designs for the kind of man Tony Trabert is

designer-suits-for-men-from-1976 (3)


Donald Brooks designs for the kind of man Stewart Mills Reid is

designer-suits-for-men-from-1976 (4)


House of Lanvin designs for the kind of man Dimitri Villard is

designer-suits-for-men-from-1976 (5)


Guy Laroche designs for the kind of man Ben Crenshaw is

designer-suits-for-men-from-1976 (1)

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