Heart-themed needlework ideas (1955)

Hearts are for love

The labor of love that goes int othe working of fine needlework could find no more fitting symbol than heart motifs, favorites of folk artists in many countries since early times. These designs were adapted from old Hungarian ones. Embroider them in cross-stitch on household linens or aprons, skirts and blouses, or on children’s clothes; or knit them into gay ski sweaters. You can work directly from this page, or copy the designs on graph paper. (Click here or on the red and white pattern below to see a larger version!)

How-to/instructions for heart design needlework

Your choice of thread depends on the material on which you work and the size of cross-stitches you want. On most linens, six-strand embroidery floss is best, and any number of strands may be used to produce the effect you like. On other materials, pearl cotton is effective; on wool, woolen yarn is generally used.

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