Hairstyles & healthy hair tips (1911)

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Chicago Tribune hair styles 1911

Advice on how to help grow and manage your hair

We have many calls for a tonic which will stimulate the growth of the hair. There are so many good preparations, that one hardly knows which to recommend; but more depends on the person using the tonic, and the state of health, then I can tell you.

Washing your hair

The hair should be kept clean and the scalp, also, and this will require more common sense than anything else. In some localities, or vocations, the hair will require oftener shampooing than in others. Then, too, a shampoo that is excellent for one kind of hair is not good for another, or, the shampoo that is beneficial at one time, or for one condition is not suitable for an other. This is one reason why directions often fall to bring desired results.

Sometimes, and under some conditions, if the hair is washed with a soap lather, the soap is not easy to remove; for this condition, the juice of half a lemon may be added to the rinse water, or a half a teacupful of vinegar, and this will kill the sticky alkaline feeling, taking out the last trace of soap and giving the hair a silky lustre and prevent dryness.

If you will ask for the information needed, I will endeavor to answer your particular case. But for satisfactory results, you must depend on yourself. Treatment for oily hair should not be the same as for dry hair; if there is dandruff, this should be attended to. A slight amount of dandruff, the natural falling off of the scarf skin of the scalp, is natural, and frequent cleansing and care will remove it.

For the hair, absolute cleanliness is imperative, and the better health of body one has, the cleaner the scalp and hair. For people who have time, and like to fuss with such things, there are endless recipes — though a good olive oil soap properly applied and removed is as good as anything.

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Drying your hair

Much harm is done, too, in drying hair. Often it is exposed to great heat, which takes the life out of it; at no time should it be dried close to the stove or heater, and the hair should not be wiped by towels that cast on a fine lint. The towels should be warm and soft and the hair should be shaken while drying to make it fluffy.

Movie actress Pearl White hairstyle 1911

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