How women from 100 years ago got such beautiful hair (1918)

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How women from 100 years ago got such beautiful hair

How women can get beautiful hair

By Lucrezia Bori, the Famous Spanish Prima Donna

Healthy hair should have a natural gloss, and this can be stimulated by rubbing the hair with the hands after it has been washed and dried. It is generally known to makers of fine furniture that the palm of the hand, if rubbed well on almost any surface, will give that surface a better polish than nearly any manufactured preparation.

How women from 100 years ago got such beautiful hair (1918)

Similarly, you can observe the careful manicure give the right kind of polish to your nails by finally rubbing them with the palm of her hand. If, therefore, you want your hair to have the beautiful gloss that is so admired, there are two rules to observe:

Keep the hair free from oil.

Keep the scalp in a healthy condition.

If you will do these things and then rub the hair with the palms of your hands after washing, you can have as lovely a gloss as any beauty who devotes most of her time to the care of her person.

Oily hair is a foe of healthy gloss. There are several ways of bringing to a normal state hair that is too rich in oils.

One is to increase the frequency of washing. We are getting away from the old idea that hair will be ruined if it is washed more than once or twice a month. Hair acquires dust and foreign particles more readily than the face and hands that we wash several times daily.

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Good brushing removes some of this, but for thoroughly cleansing the hair and scalp, we must depend on the weekly bath of the hair. A good wash for the hair is the following:

A simple hair wash to help you get beautiful hair

Thoroughly mix one tablespoonful each of salt, glycerine, borax and powdered sulfur, dissolving the mixture in one quart of soft water or rainwater. Let this stand for a week, shaking every day. This water strained is one of the best washes for oily hair.

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A simpler waah is to add one heaping teaspoonful of baking soda to one quart of soft water. Wash the hair thoroughly in it. Then rinse the hair in a quart of water to which one tablespoonful of salt has been added. Wash again and rinse in clear water twice.

How women from 100 years ago got such beautiful hair (1918)

Tip for beautiful hair: How to remove excess oil

Another simple remedy to remove oil from the hair and to stimulate a healthy, clean scalp is to rub ordinary table salt into the hair three times a week for a few weeks.

Here is a remedy that may be applied to oily hair:

2 cupfuls of distilled or rainwater

1 tablespoonful bicarbonate of soda

6 ounces of eau de cologne

Mix well and keep corked after it is bottled.

Rub this into the scalp with the tips of the fingers several times a week and it will help wonderfully to check oiliness.

Haircare questions answered: How to get beautiful hair

Please tell me of a dry shampoo that will keep my hair in good condition. It is very oily and an ordinary shampoo does not help. – Alta J.B.

Here is a splendid dry shampoo that is particularly good for an oily, moist scalp:

Alcohol (95 per cent): 1 quart
Table salt: 1 ounce
Quinine: 1-6 ounce

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