Hair of all colors except orange to be worn next spring — maybe!

Paris, Jan. 28. — Orange hair will not be in fashion this spring. It doesn’t harmonize with the new dress-shade of the season sealing wax red. Green or bright blue tints of hair are much to be preferred, and are being generally adopted by ladies of fashion — though yellow, ashes-of-roses, salmon pink, and violet wigs are also being worn, depending upon the color of the gown.

This is a verbatim version of the veritably vertiginous fashional inversions that are taking place in this city. Complexions colored to har monize with the gown have been accepted facts. Now milady, in addition, is to wear a wig to match the color ensemble which she has thus constructed with such painstaking art. The exclusive coiffures of the Rue de la Paix are showing attractive wigs of heliotrope and emerald.

The purple peruke is also considered especially engaging by those who delight in the ultra.

For the more conservative, plain black-and-white patterns in hair are preferable. Wigs of this style come in checks, stripes and plaids. Polka-dots are affected by some, but the dilettantes in dress consider them extremely bourgeois, suggesting, as they do, dusting caps and aprons.

For the theater, the best style of coiffure is a soft black-and-white plaid. Managers have banned loud checks, claiming that they spoil the accoustics of the house.

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Source publication: The Day Book (Chicago, Ill.)

Source publication date: January 28, 1914

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