Hairstyle notebook: 10 perm hints (1978)

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10 hints on how to perm

Perming, done correctly, is one of the best ways to lock-in those super-popular curls.

1. Make sure hair is in top condition before perming. One deep penetrating treatment should be enough for healthy hair. Damaged hair may require several treatments, spaced a week apart.

2. Don’t perm and color hair on the same day. Wait one week, or preferably two.

3. Make sure your scalp has no cuts or scratches. Avoid vigorous hair brushing a few days before to lessen any chance of scalp abrasion.

4. Follow manufacturer’s directions carefully to avoid frizzed, over-processed or limp, under-processed hair.

5. Use two end papers, with hair in between, to hold hair more securely. Extend papers beyond the tip of the hair section to protect delicate ends.

6. If hair is in good condition, you can re-perm ever two to three months. Always condition first.

7. If you have a tight-curl perm, don’t follow immediately by blow-drying with a brush, which can stretch hair. Let hair dry naturally, or fluff it with your fingers as you blow dry.

8. Discard leftover perm solution or neutralizer.

9. Don’t re-wet and style hair immediately after the perm is completed. It may relax the curl a bit. Manufacturers suggest waiting several days to allow the perm to “set.”

10. Wash oily hair well before you perm, to allow solution to penetrate.

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