Graduates: Plan makeup with care (1939)

Graduate must plan makeup with care

by Betty Clark

The sweet girl graduate of 1939 should look as crisp and fresh as her diploma. Every detail of her grooming should be the object of thought and consideration.

A few hints to help her: Most young skins don’t need any powder base. So unless the youthful graduate is accustomed to wearing a foundation cream or lotion, she won’t do any experimenting on that score. She’ll simply apply a powder just a little darker than her skin tone, so she won’t look ghost-like under the lights.

Then she’ll carefully place a few touches of rouge where it looks best. A bit of rouge applied cautiously between the eyes and eyebrows (an old Chinese trick) will give her eyes added sparkle.

After she puts on the rouge she’ll pat on powder to blend the color. Then she’ll stretch her lips taut, outline them with lipstick (not too bright or too dark) and fill in the outline — working all the way out to the corners.

A touch of petroleum jelly on her eyelids, a bit of mascara on her eyelashes, a bit of eyebrow-lengthening with a pencil, a few drops of her favorite perfume, and she’ll be ready for the great day.


Photo: Actress Maureen O’Hara in 1939

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