Beehive hairstyles of the 1960s (1)

Goodbye, bouffant – Hello, beehive! The hot hairstyle of 1960

Goodbye, bouffant - Hello, beehive! The hot hairstyle of 1960

High-piled, elegant hairstyles for winter

The bouffant coiffure has had its day. The new hairstyle will be one of smooth elegance for winter and spring.

Starting with the Christmas festivities, the winter season lends itself, far more than any other time of year, to formal, dress-up occasions. And what’s needed to set off evening clothes is a smooth, high-piled coiffure.

Antoine, dean of hairdressers, who is in this country from Paris, has designed a new hairdo that creates the illusion of tall elegance. He calls it the beehive.

And it is coiffed high and wrapped into exquisitely composed, polished and lustrous patterns.

Elegant updo - Beehive hairdo

Above: Priscilla Presley, The Ronettes & Audrey Hepburn with beehive hairstyles

A permanent wave is key for a successful beehive hairstyle

To achieve this new tall elegance, the actual manipulation of the coiffure goes on below the surface. Sufficient underpinning must be arranged to give the hair support for its rising line.

The basic ingredient for the success of this hairdo is a permanent wave. It should not be a curly one, but a wave that is soft and merely gives the hair bulk.

This new coiffure can be designed into an almost conical point, or the crown may be more leveled and rounded. The ears are exposed. But, if you look better with your ears covered, this, too, can be done without losing any of the beauty of the hairstyle. And almost always, the nape of the neck is bared.

The beehive hairdo is becoming to almost every woman. The degree of severity depends upon the regularities of the features And this new coiffure can be highly dramatic when the hair is tinted in either vertical or horizontal bands, contrasting the rest of the head.

For evening, Antoine suggests that his regal headdress be embellished with a beautiful ornament. He believes that nothing makes a woman feel as superbly elegant as the added adornment of a sparkling jewel in the coiffure.

So, join the parade of regal elegance and forget your casual, bouffant hairstyle. What could be more appropriate for the festive winter season than this sleek new coiffure?

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Hello, beehive! The hot hairstyle of 1960

Beehive hairstyle tips

As the bouffant hairdo goes out, it’s succeeded by the hairstyle with height. Whether wrapped smoothly or curled, the new look in hairdos is tall.

Shown here are some examples by Antoine of Paris. His beehive silhouette rises high (left) and is puffed out at the back of the head. The hair shows soft waves rather than obvious curls. Very sophisticated is this version (center) in which the hair is wrapped into smooth, polished bands next to the face and combined high at the back.

Modification of the high hairdo (right) is this pretty version for shorter hair. Hair is curled high at the back and combed into a half-bang at front. Basis for all of these new hairstyles is a permanent, which supplies the necessary fullness.

Hello, beehive! The hot hairstyle of 1960

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