Get a prescription for the perfect haircut for you (1988)

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Rx for a perfect haircut

Choose the style that suits your hair type — we’ll tell you how to make it work for you

Short haircut

A sure shot of chic and just right for you if… You have a pretty profile: show-off-quality ears and neck, a well-shaped head. — You’re willing to commit to frequent cuts – every four to six weeks – to maintain proper line and proportion. — You want an easy-to-care-for style that needs only a daily shampoo, not a lot of fuss.

Short haircut '80s style


Sleek bob haircut

This style adds pizzazz to limp locks. It’s shorter in back for bounce, and tapered to frame the face.

Sleek bob haircut - Vintage hairstyle


Layered hairstyle

This sassy look is one you can bank on

Layered retro hairstyle


Sexy curls

For this terrific tousled look (natural curls or permed) try the products below

Sexy curls from the eighties


Long hairstyle

Luxurious tresses suit you to a tee if… Your hair is medium to thick and very healthy. Straight, curly and wavy are all okay. — You want a style that’s ultra-feminine, easy to work with. — You’re willing to commit to regular conditioning.

Long hairstyle


Endless curls

An all-one-length, knock-’em-dead head of thick curls needs TLC.

Endless curls


Wispy hairstyle

This is a cut above the rest if hair is fine-textured, straight to wavy. Hair is snipped closest at nape and graduates to a fuller crown with long side wisps.

Wispy hairstyle


Blunt haircut from the eighties

Is bold and the ultimate hairdo for you if… you like a cut that always looks cared for and polished, yet requires minimal styling. — You love the look and feel of a lot of hair, but want a controlled, office-going length. — You want a hairstyle that will last a long time – eight to ten weeks – between cuts.

Blunt haircut from the eighties

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