Get a brand new dress straight from a can! (1966)

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Get a brand new dress straight from a can! (1966)

A new kind of canned dressing

What do you do when there’s a sudden invitation to go out and you haven’t a thing to wear? Why, open a can, of course.

Canned dresses, put up like beef stew but sold at department stores instead of supermarkets, are the season’s bright new idea for Christmas giving, and just the thing to keep in the pantry against the dressless rainy day.

Dreamed up by Wippette, a New York dress manufacturer, the dresses sell for $25, come in three styles and six colorful patterns in the 5-to-13 junior-size range, and are made of nylon jersey that packs without undue rumpling.

The containers themselves, far handier than the girl-size one at left, are no bigger than a one-pound tin of coffee. They provide plenty of space for sealed-in prettiness with room left over, at $6 extra, for a matching hat.

Get a brand new dress straight from a can! (1966)

Popping out of an overscaled can, this girl wears a long-sleeved canned dress in a bold print with flared skirt. Other styles include a smock and a low-waisted shift.

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