Full dress for ball or evening party (1852)

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Full Dress for Ball or Evening Party

Figure 1. Hair in puffed bands, raised, ornamented with bunches of wild poppies, with silver foliage — coral necklace and waistcoat buttons — waistcoat open, of white satin, embroidered in front with silver and white jet. Pardessus of white gauze, bordered with a silver band, and embroidered with silver spots. This pardessus fits quite close, being hollowed out at the seam under the arm. Back flat; great round skirt without plaits, sitting well over the hips. Sleeves short, and turned up a la Mousquetaire: the silver band is about a quarter of an inch from the edge, and is itself an inch wide. The skirt is white gauze, and very ample; its only ornaments are three silver bands starting from the middle and diverging toward the bottom. The space between them is covered with silver spots. Pantaloons of plain white gauze, not very full, are fastened round the ankle with a silver band. The foot is shod with a small white silk bottine, laced up at the instep, from the top almost to the toe. The lacing is crossed.

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