Fresh fabric patterns for the sixties (1965)

The fresh look in fabrics for spring

Here they are — some of the most refreshing new drapery fabrics we’ve seen in many a springtime.

The strongest influence in contemporary fabrics is turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau. Then there are the Matisse florals, smasking and rather like cut paper patterns, and the bold two-color silhouettes like our sunflower. Much in evidence are darker grounds. In color, the trend is either to uninhibited primary combinations — clean, clear and crisp; or to the grays, ochers and browns.

Fabrics shown:

  1. Gigi by Bloomcraft
  2. Night garden by Everfast
  3. Winter Garden by Win Anderson
  4. Giuletta by Cohama
  5. Wedding Dance by Kandell
  6. Compton my Goldenheim
  7. Warwick my Kandell
  8. Sun-up by Shulman-Sunshine
  9. Meissen by Waverly
  10. Normandy by Cyrus Clark


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