Fashion will remain faithful to boas (1899)

A few terms to help interpret this piece: Bouillonnes are puffs in clothing, and lisse is short for crépe lisse, which is a fine, slightly-crinked fabric used in garments — such as to form gathers or ruffles.

Will remain faithful to boas

Whatever changes the future may bring in the fashions, we are pretty sure to remain faithful to boas — and the most charming ones are preparing not to succeed feathers and furs, but to be worn with them. They are larger, and more important, and have long ends, the great novelty in them being the chenille trimming.

A very pretty large ruffle of chiffon had not only the edges tipped with chenille, but long netted ends of coarse black chenille.

Soft silk is also being prepared for ruffs, edged with narrow white semi-circles of fur or marabout, and some exceedingly pretty marabout boas in gray and white are made with any number of tails.

Other new boas are composed of leaflets of soft lisse, edged with black and white lace. Many of these ruffles are composed of very full bouillonnes of lisse, with a frill of lisse, edged with lace, also very full, put over them, and the long stole ends of the lace-edged lisse falling in front.

Constant changes are rung on this idea of bouillonnes and lace-edged frills.

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Illustration: 1897 color print of a Victorian woman wearing a colorful floral boa

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