Fashion plates for women from 1938 & 1939

Here are three 1938, 1930 and 1940 fashions for women designed in 1938-1939 by Pearl Levy Alexander for André:

Vestee suit — Spring/Summer 1939-1940. Advanced Spring and Palm Beach; Double swing skirt of plaid; Suit jacket with pocket detail and plaid skirt. Feathered hat. Includes back view.

Gibson girl — Tailored coat with round neckline and box pleats on skirt. Fedora hat with bustle back. Includes back view. Coat is pleated all around; Pockets are piped with velvet.

Boxy coat. Striped wool. New shoulder line. Triangular yoke ending in striped panels extending to bottom of coat. No buttons. Straight sleeves. Includes back view. Wide-brimmed hat with ribbon.

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