Makeup false eyelashes 1967

False eyelashes are here to stay! (1967)

False eyelashes - makeup

False eyelashes are here to stay

By Alicia Hart, NEA Beauty Editor

False eyelashes of mink or synthetic fiber are here to stay. That is, if they are properly applied and cared for.

The modern girl is an on-the-go type. She has learned that her eye makeup gives her added appeal. False eyelashes are a logical part of her makeup when they are thin and natural-looking for daytime, or longer and thicker for evening.

For quick home care and application or travel, make up a traveling kit for your eyelashes. A small plastic box will do. In it, keep two or three rubber hands, a fat round pencil, a small round, goose-neck mirror, tweezers, some cotton swabs and some greaseproof paper. Also, a change of lashes prolongs the life of both pairs of lashes.

How to care for your false eyelashes

Care is important to keep lashes looking clean and properly shaped. When a fixative builds up on the base of the lashes, hold the lash hairs firmly between the thumb and first finger: Grip the glue strip with tweezers and gently pull away. A short soaking in warm water keeps the lashes soft and fluffy.

After removing from the water, place on a flat surface. With a cotton swab, stroke the excess water from the lash, from base to outer edge, with a rolling motion.

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Put lashes on paper when they are completely dry. Put a pencil on top, and slowly roll the paper around the pencil. Secure the paper with a rubber band. Your lashes will be ready for you when you want to pop them on again.

Makeup false eyelashes 1967

Tips for false lashes

False eyelashes go everywhere — to a dance, card party, beach or classroom. The false lashes are silky and sweeping on top.

What about the natural ones on the bottom? Powder bottom lashes and apply mascara. Let dry and hold a cotton swab just under the eye. Brush lashes over the tip of the swab. Repeat several tunes if necessary. This picks up excess and helps avoid smearing mascara under the eye.

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False eyelashes are here to stay! (1967)

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