Dick Van Dyke for Botany 500 (1965)

Dick Van Dyke has everything

…including a Custom Royal Suit by ‘Botany’ 500

Dick Van Dyke displays the same warmth of personality and discriminating good taste off stage as when he is giving the performances that have won him awards in radio, television and motion pictures.

He naturally prefers the Custom Royal Suit. An award winner itself, it expresses the ultimate of the Daroff dedication to excellence in its exclusive ‘Botany’ 500 fabrics, in its meticulous tailoring, and in the comfortable elegance of its custom-like fit.

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Mr Van Dyke numbers his Custom Royal among his special treasures. You will be pleased, equally, when you try on this superb masterpiece. Ask your ‘Botany’ 500 dealer to show you the Monde Black Mohair Custom Royal. Magnificent! Custom Royal Suits at $79.95 to $89.95.

‘Botany’ 500 tailored by Daroff


Is there a woman in his clothes closet?

Who helps Dick Van Dyke select the clothes that make him look so slim, trim and elegant?

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