Denim goes to town (1950)

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Denim goes to town

by Margaret Parker Gary

From blue jeans to play togs to town clothes is the startling success story of denim.

Sophisticated in dark iridescent colors, delightful in muted pastels, crease-resistant and washable, it has what it takes to keep you smartly but inexpensively dressed all season.

A lot of style for less than $5, we think — and that’s all each of these dresses costs to make in size 14. We used the beautiful new woven check, plaid and plain denims of the Lane Cotton Mills Company, which sell for about 80 cents a yard. The dress designs are our own Woman’s Day patterns, specially cut with a minimum of pattern pieces to keep your dressmaking simple.

For pattern views, additional information and WD mail-order coupon, see page 82.

Studied simplicity in slenderizing lines

WD pattern 3232: $.25
Fabric (for size 14): $3.06
Slide fastener: $0.35
Buckle frame: $0.14
Thread: $0.12

Total: $3.92

Good old denim does a Cinderella switch this season and steps into top fashion for street wear. These smart little dresses of the new, lustrous, lighter weight denim can be made for under $5 with Woman’s Day patterns.

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