Can you recognize fashion when you see it?

cutex-lipstick-makeup-beauty-may-1967 (2)


… or does our name get in the way?

cutex-lipstick-makeup-beauty-may-1967 (1)

Cutex, actually Cutex, flips fashion on its ear with a brand new idea…

The first lipstick that sifts right thru to your lips. So now, you can wear real lipstick that gives the chicness and sleekness of gloss. It’s the first real invention in lipstick since… well, since someone put it in tubes. Twelve sheer beauties in marvelous little showstopper cases. (Peel off our name if you like. We don’t mind.)

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Source publication: Cosmopolitan

Source publication date: May 1967

Filed under: Beauty & fashion, For women, Vintage advertisements

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