Cotton stockings: Colored prints & meshes (1943)

Cotton stockings: Colored prints & meshes

Cotton stockings

Colored prints and meshes offer novelty despite war restrictions

The alluring black cotton mesh stockings above and the gayly-decorated ones on the following pages are tangible proof that wartime restrictions cannot put an end to fashion nonsense.

Last week, a new Government order went into effect which, so the stocking trade says, can result in complete standardization of women’s rayon stockings. The much-protested and disputed order fixes the price of all rayons, sets certain standards on how the foot must be reinforced and number of rows of stitches in the legs. Such an order, said the trade, would ruin free competition and kill all fashion initiative.

But last week fashionwise Lord & Taylor gave the lie to all such thinking, introduced a score of startling new stocking styles. Since the OPA restriction applied only to rayon, Lord & Taylor took good old American cotton, dyed it, rewove it, painted it, printed it.

For examples of these fancy new stocking styles, see pages following.

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