Clothes that fit the shape you’re in (1982)

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Your body: Clothes that fit the shape you’re in

Do you have the know-how to put together a wardrobe that makes the most of what you’ve got? Even if you’re tall, short, thin, or a little heavy, you can find clothes that fit and look fantastic! Here’s help.

Clothes that fit the shape you're in

To get the lowdown on what teens think are their biggest figure problems, CO-ED talked to the 12 high school students at right. They told us their problems, and we gave them sew-easy solutions!

On the next four pages, you’ll see top-rated clothes that you can make to fit your shape! Just find your figure problem (there are 14 in all), and check out the clothes and tips to help put together a wardrobe that’ll make you look sensational!

Short, small build: A vest and pants in a dark color lengthen George’s look. Layered clothes give extra bulk. Heavy textured fabrics add fullness.

Small build, long, thin legs: A red corduroy jumpsuit gives Gail extra weight. Wide lapels in a contrasting color add upper body fullness. Short, full-cut jumpsuit legs widen the hips, cut leg length.

Tall & lanky: Full-cut, pleated pants give Andy a more substantial look. A multicolored striped shirt adds upper body fullness. Red collar and cuffs cut neck and arm length.

Clothes that fit the shape you're in

Small hips, thin legs: Contrasting shirt and skirt colors fill out Melanie’s thin frame. A full skirt in wide wale corduroy adds hip fullness. An asymmetrical blouse closure gives a broader look. Red stockings give legs added fullness.

Small waist, full hips: A loose-fitting jumpsuit in a lightweight fabric and a dark color from shoulder to hem slims Gina’s look. Red stripes at the neckline draws attention away from hips. A V-neck emphasizes length, de-emphasizes width.

Long legs, narrow build: A sweatshirt and pants in contrasting colors cut body length, fill out Odis’s narrow frame. No-cling fabrics add fullness. Bright, wide horizontal stripes add visual weight. Slightly flared pants cut height.

Clothes that fit the shape you're in

Thick waist, full hips & thighs: A skirt and vest in blue give Debbie a longer, leaner look. A white blouse draws focus away from hips. A gathered skirt hides heavy thighs.

Short, small build: A red print dress in a no-cling fabric gives Lydia added weight. A wide collar and puffed sleeves build upper body fullness. White stockings make legs look wider and fuller.

Tall & husky: Simple styles give Gamel a slimmer look. Lightweight, no-bulk fabrics look trimmer. Contrasting colors cut height. Straight legged pants cut width.

Clothes that fit the shape you're in

Short, full thighs: A jacket and pants in a neutral color give Maria a longer look. Neckline ruffles and puffed sleeves bring focus away from lower-body fullness. Pleated, uncuffed pants minimize full thighs, add length.

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Tall, thin: A blousoned sweatshirt gives Sonya a fuller, broader look. Horizontal stripes add more visual width. A full, flared skirt fills out the hips. A wide white band at the hip cuts height. Bright colors add pow!

Narrow shoulders, wide hips: A jacket and pants in a neutral color give Juan a longer, leaner look. Layering a shirt and jacket balances the upper body with wide hips. A bright blue shirt with a white collar draws attention away from hips.

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